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The Acupuncture Treatment of hay fever and other allergies, is it effective more than Conventional Western Medicine?

For the following reasons most patient choose UK Acupuncture Clinics:

  1.  The highest standard of acupuncture treatment and exceptional patient care in backaches and
  2. Acupuncture consultation clinics nationwide in London, Manchester and Nuffield Hospitals in
    Stoke- On-Trent, Derby and Wolverhampton.
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The UK Acupuncture Clinics follow the strictly hygienic and ethical methods  in treatment of patients
with back problems.

What is Hay Fever or the Seasonal Allergy?

Hay fever (or sometimes is called allergic rhinitis) or seasonal allergy is an allergic reaction to Pollens that are spread
by the wind in certain time of the year (usually the spring time, which istraditionally the main season when allergies blossom
because of new growth on trees and weeds). Most patients with Hay fever are also often sensitive to dust mites, animal
dander, and moulds. Hay fever is characterized by Symptoms primarily involve the membrane lining the nose, causing
allergic rhinitis, or the membrane lining the eyelids and covering the whites of the eyes, causing allergic conjunctivitis.

In many cases, the Western medications have failed to treat the symptoms of hay fever and can cause unwanted side
effects, such as drowsiness and immune system suppression as well as an over-reliance on medications. So that many
patients with hay fever seekalternative approaches, such as acupuncture to manage their allergies.

In Chinese Medicine, the hay fever is related to Wind and a deficiency of Qi, or energy, which flows at the surface of the body
as a protective sheath and is responsible for resistance to colds and other respiratory infections. People with a deficiency of
Qi catch colds easily and are more susceptible to have hay fever.

The acupuncture treats the underlying body energy imbalances in order to relieve the acute symptoms of hay fever and also
treats the root problems that are contributing to the body's reaction to allergens. The acupuncture treatment is always
combined with detoxification program and dietary modification.

If you experience seasonal allergies or a hay fever, please contact us for further details andto schedule an