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Suffering with Neck pain? The evidence has been compelling that acupuncture is more effective for neck pain.

(Acupuncture needling for neck pain)
neck pain treatment

neck pain treatment

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can be considered to be of the more effective treatments for alleviation of neck pain compared to that in conventional medicine. Acupuncture is more controversial to most doctors in the west, being based on Chinese concept theory of wellness.
Although Western Medicine attributes to a number of potential benefits, but some diseases, include neck problems, acupuncture can provides significant improvements in signs and symptoms of these disorders.

What are the signs and symptoms of neck problems?

The main clinical picture of neck problems is of pain and stiffness. However, various neck disorders can cause pain which is:

  Either located on sides or middle of the neck
  radiating to:
  - clicking and grating noises (crepitus).
  - dizziness on looking up or turning the head (sometimes blackouts).
  - excessive tiredness and sleep disturbance (insomnia)

    - excessive tiredness and sleep disturbance (insomnia).

The pain in the neck is also associated with:

  - movement of the neck to different direction and to the tension of neck muscles.
  - symptoms of numbness or tingling which are radiating down the arm to the fingers.
  - clicking and grating noises (crepitus).
  - dizziness on looking up or turning the head (sometimes blackouts).


What are the causes of neck problems?

neck disorders

The most common cause of neck pain is muscle strain or tension due to:

Every day bad posture such as: bending over a desk, reading or watching TV for hours or the level of computer monitor too high or too low, uncomfortable sleeping position or abnormal twisting
The musclo-skeletal causes: these may also arise from abnormalities in the soft tissues—the muscles, ligaments, and nerves—as well as in bones and joints of the spine. Severe neck injuries, such as traumatic accidents or falls, whiplash, blood vessel injury, and even paralysis can lead to severe neck pain.
Other causes of neck pain are: fibromyalgia, Cervical arthritis (spondylosis or spondylitis), ruptured disk, osteoporosis of cervical spines, Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) and Less common causes include tumours, infections (osteomyelitis or abscess), or congenital abnormalities of the vertebrae.


Acupuncture treatment of pain in Neck disorders

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture treatment of neck pain (particularly in cervical spondylitis) is to disperse the excess Wind, Cold and Dampness and to remove the obstruction in the affected meridians and their collaterals, spreading the qi and Blood. The acupuncture prescriptions are designed, through the selection of local, distal and tender acupuncture points according to the course of the meridians, to relax the muscles, remove the obstruction, regulate qi and Blood and remove the pathogenic factors. Traditional Chinese doctors regarded acupuncture as an effective measure in aborting the signs and symptoms of neck problems and also in preventing the future recurrence. However, acupuncture treatment is a time-consuming procedure, as each session of treatment may last for up to 30 minutes and in many patients 5 to 15 sessions or more may be needed.

What are the methods of Acupuncture used for neck problems?

neck disorders


In the treatment of neck problems, as in many other diseases, disposable, sterilised, filiform acupuncture needles are usually used. The therapeutic effect was found to be at its best when the patient had a feeling of needle sensation (deqi), such as tingling, numbness, soreness, dull pain, heaviness or distension, at the site of the needle insertion. Propagation of one or more of these sensations may occasionally be felt along the channel. The sensation of deqi must be distinguished from pain or discomfort due to needling technique. In each session, the needles are retained for up to 30 minutes. Patients should be warned that symptoms may worsen temporarily before benefit is noted.
Two strengths of stimulation may be used in normal medical practice. Strong stimulation may be achieved by needle rotation simultaneous with lifting and thrusting movements. This method of either reducing or reinforcing is continued until the acupuncture sensation (deqi) is felt, and is repeated if necessary. For Mild stimulation the needle is applied to patients with a weak constitution, suffering from chronic neck pain.

Generally, after 4 sessions of treatment, with each session lasting up to 30 minutes, a good result is obtainable. However the outcome should be considered ineffective when there is no change in a patient's signs and symptoms after 6-8 sessions of treatment.

neck disorders


Electro-acupuncture has been used in some cases with a better response than manual acupuncture. The best combination of acupuncture points is very effective in the neck disorders’ treatment by using a frequency of 5Hz for a period of 10-20 minutes.

What are the outcomes of acupuncture Treatment in prognosis of neck problems?

Using acupuncture in treatment of various neck problems, the prognosis is excellent. Acupuncture has been described as a useful treatment for signs and symptom of neck disorders and in general, the prognosis depends on the following factors:

Duration of acupuncture treatment: Usually within the first few treatment sessions the patient notices a favourable change in the quality, if not the quantity, of pain.
Method of needle stimulation: This should be designed to suit the individual case. The stronger the stimulus up to a point, the better the relief of symptoms. However, over stimulation may have some adverse effects. The intensity of manual needle stimulation increases with depth of needle insertion, thickness of the needle, amplitude and frequency of rotation, the time the needle is left in situ after stimulation, and the number of points used for treatment.
Previous western therapies: When the neck disorders have been treated with pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs (such as steroid) over a long period, recovery with acupuncture usually takes longer.
. The acupuncture points: Inaccuracy in the location and selection of points may lead to indifferent results.

neck stiffness. On this basis, therefore, I suggest that acupuncture therapy may prove to be of benefit in medical practice for patients with a clinical diagnosis of neck disorders.

If you need further information on neck disorders and their treatment by acupuncture , please contact the CLINICAL DIRECTOR DR. EMAD TUKMACHI Link >> or to make an appointment at one of our UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS, please telephone or email us Link >>


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