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By Dr. Emad Tukmachi Clinical Driector of UK Acupuncture Clinics


What is Gout? It is type of arthritis caused by a disorder of purine metabolism (a high serum uric acid can build up and form urate crystals to deposit within joints causing exquisite pain and tenderness). It is more common in men at any age and less in women after menopause.  This type of disorder is usually run in families and inherited from parent or grandparent. It is believed that gout is related to over-indulging in alcohol, particularly beer and wine, but rich food can also induce attacks of gout more frequently.
How to diagnose Gout? The main investigation in Western Medicine may include:

1. Clinical examination of the patient with gout and a sample from the joint’s fluid (Synovial fluid) is taken for microscopic examination to look for urate crystals. The positive finding of urate crytals is a definite diagnosis.
2.. Blood test to examine the plasma level of urate but this type of investigation is not specific to Gout, because a high level of urate can be detected in other diseases.
3. Radiological examination of the joint is often normal but may not help to detect gout

The standard Western treatment is dependent on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for acute stage, but as prophylactic drugs in the chronic condition to control the blood level of uric acid. Specific medications  for gout such as Colchicine  or allopurinol is usually used in acute stage and the patient takes it every 2 hours until disappearance of pain or that or until diarrhoea occurs. However, preventive measures must be taken to prevent an acute attack which include:

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The patient should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
    Loss weight for patients who are overweight.
    Alcohol consumption is to cut down as excessive alcohol intake has been associated with gout.
    Healthy diet by cutting down certain food which are high in Purines such as Meat (particularly liver & offal), fish (mainly Anchovies, Sardines, Herring, Fish Roes, Mackerel) and Beer.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the over-rich diet is the main cause to build the dampness and heat internally which lead to stagnation of the phlegm. These pathological changes may lead to energy (Qi) disturbance of the Spleen and Kidney. Therefore, the aim of acupuncture treatment is to control heat and dampness in order to reduce the phlegm.  The acupuncture can help to stimulate the release of endorphins, which are natural pain killers to help reduce the pain of gout and help patients feel more relaxed. Furthermore, acupuncture treatment of gout is thought to have a 70% success in reducing the chronic level of serum uric acid and the frequency of acute attacks.
If you need further information on GOUT and the management  by Traditional acupuncture, please try to contact  THE UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC or the CLINICAL DIRECTOR DR. EMAD TUKMACHI  or if you want to make an appointment at one of our UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS, please telephone or email us


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