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UK Acupunture Clinic
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Welcome to UK Acupuncture Clinics

Our patients regard us as one of the best Acupuncture Clinics in London, Northwest. East and West Midlands. While we appreciate such comments, our aim is always been "to provide every patient with the very best Acupuncture experience." All patients who come to us seeking Acupuncture treatment have different habits, diets and life styles, so we arrange each Acupuncture treatment session to work best with each patient's needs, by not only improved the patient's condition significantly, but also his/her general well being. Acupuncture is a complete form of healing that treats the body as a whole, so please browse through our website to see if we are the right Acupuncture clinic in your area (London, Manchester, Stoke, Wolverhampton or Derby) to help you amend your health condition.
UK Acupuncture Clinics

Traditional acupuncture is a complex system of examination, diagnosis, and treatment. It seeks to alleviate symptoms
and pain by assisting individuals to find balance in their lives. Clinical acupuncture proves to be valuable in medical
practice as an effective therapy for acute and chronic illnesses where modern Western Medicine is not indicated or effective.

A VIDEO CLIP ON OUR Client Testimonial


A VIDEO CLIP ON OUR Client Testimonial


Pain Relief

Emad Tukmachi and his qualified team are the most experienced Acupuncturists in the UK in management of acute and chronic pain. Treating pain means healing both mind and body as our Acupuncture Clinics specifically targets the source of the patient’s discomfort and embodies a holistic perspective toward alleviating acute or chronic pain in restoring the patient health and vitality.

Clinical Director of UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS, Emad Tukmachi has been featured in the North Staffordshire Newspaper “THE SENTINEL”(in Stoke On Trent) about his success in pain management in the issue of 22nd October 2013. 
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Pain Can Be More than Just a sign or Symptom
Pain is a warning sign and not a disease. So that the majority of patients seek Acupuncture after experiencing acute pain for more than three months, and later classified as chronic pain suffers. Their lingering, ongoing conditions affect every aspect of their lives: mood, concentration, motor performance, sleep, social relations, etc. Researchers even have new evidence indicating that pain affects the immune system such that cancer cells appear to grow faster when there is pain. Read More


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Infertility (with or without IVF)

Most couples with infertility experience the problem as the loss of a child, the loss of pregnancy, and unable to create life and family. In general, infertility affects 15% to 20% of all couples in the UK. and can be devastating to those who have it and to their partners.. The powerlessness to produce a newborn child often produces feelings of sorrow, as does the inability to perpetuate the parenting role and family name. Traditional Chinese acupuncture has stood the test of thousands of years and practiced by almost a fourth of the world's population and continues to rise above and improve health in our modern culture. The evidence of acupuncture treating infertility dates back to 11AD. Read more..
Infertility - IVF

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Cosmetic and Facelift Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation)

Facial Acupuncture

Our Acupuncture Clinics (in London, Manchester and the Nuffield Hospitals in Stoke, Derby and Wolverhampton) are delighted to offers safe, painless, and non-surgical acupuncture treatment methods of face lines and wrinkles. 

Sometimes Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture can be referred to as an Acupuncture Facelift or Cosmetic Acupuncture, it is much safer than western cosmetic procedures. It is a rejuvenation and revitalization process designed to help the whole body look and feel younger Read More...