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The Acupuncture can help to clear the signs and symptoms of PMS

By: Dr. Emad Tukmachi, clinical Director of the UK ACPUNCTURE CLINIC

It is well  documented in the literature that acupuncture can treat the most common gynecological problems, including Premenstrual syndrome. This syndrome has a broad spectrum of symptoms before the commencement of a period. The clinical symptoms of PMS are mainly emotional, such as depression, irritability, sadness, anxiety, or poor concentration. The PMS may also associate with some other physical symptoms, such as breast tenderness, a change in bowel habits, acne, or loss of libido. These signs and symptoms can vary widely in terms of severity, and may change from month to month.

In western Medicine, the PMS is treated with over-the-counter or prescription drugs or hormones. On contrary, The Traditional Chinese acupuncture is referred to energetic systems where each has a correlated acupuncture channel, sensory organ, bodily tissue, emotion and set of functions.  The acupuncture management is always focused on correcting the imbalance, or the source of the problem, not just treating outward "symptoms". The main cause of PMS, in most of patients, is the stagnation of Liver energy (Qi).  The Liver is an organ system which is responsible for the smooth flow of substances, such as energy or blood, within the body. Therefore, the imbalances may arise from many factors such as poor diet, physical exhaustion or mental trauma. The blockage of Qi or blood in one of the body's organs or energy pathways may be frequently manifested in women in form of PMS.
The modalities of acupuncture treatment in PMS may depend on the patient’s specific imbalance, diet, bodywork and lifestyle changes. The acupuncture in PMS is a safe, natural, drug-free, and has a very effective way to clear the signs and symptoms of it. Acupuncture is the right method to balance the person and the root of the problem, which will effect a permanent change. And also recognizes that each person is a combination physical and psycho-emotional.  Therefore, the Chinese medicine focuses on how that disorder presents through the individual and to view the changes in the energetics of the person and how can be corrected? In order to attain a healthy balance, the patient should be treated in a holistic manner. 

PMS - a Chinese acupuncture view

Woman's menstrual cycle is described by the building up of both energy (Qi) and Blood throughout the monthly cycle to prepare the body for a possible chance of fertilization and ensuing pregnancy.  The menstrual cycles are considered as the release of this unused Qi and Blood.  This sort of mechanism needs a high level of contribution  by the Liver organ.  The Liver is regarded by the Chinese medical theories as the 'tender organ' since it is easily disturbed by emotional upsets, poor dietary habits, or an overly stressful life.  When such condition occurs, the Qi of the Liver starts to stagnate and back up.  Such condition may reflect on a physical and/or emotional level.  Therefore, menstrual cramps, breast distention, and lower abdominal bloating are the result of the Qi becoming stuck along Liver channel.  These complain as many others should be relieved with the onset of bleeding as this release the stagnant Qi and Blood.  Emotional changes and irritability are the result of the Qi failing to maintain a smooth emotional response. 

The acupuncture treatment for PMS would function to free up any blockages in the acupuncture channels.  Its analgesic effects would directly and profoundly affect the emotional roller coaster along with aiding menstrual cramping.  This acupuncture management would take into account every patient's internal landscape and constitution. Once the Liver regains its control over the smooth flow of Qi and adequate Blood is being stored, then an improvement in the condition will be observed.

The traditional Chinese acupuncture is not a sort of medicine interested in only treating premenstrual syndrome but also it focuses on how that disorder manifests through the individual.  The changes in the energetics systems of each patient are taking place and corrected in order to attain health and balance.

Acupuncture is extremely effective at treating menstrual disorders including: painful periods, irregular periods, amenorrhea and PMS.  If you want further information on this subject please contact the clinical director of the UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC  (


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