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Do you want to quit smoking and save health and money in 2014? Try acupuncture treatment and find out how does it work?

By Dr. E. Tukmachi, the clinical director of UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS
Acupuncture is the best alternative approach to stop smoking because of its power to control cravings and clear most withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness (sometimes nervous break-down), irritability, tiredness, anxiety and lack of concentration.

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture treatment
Most adult smokers in the UK want to stop smoking and who have been trying to do so every year. Many researcher in the field of smoking indicated that Nicotine has a powerful addiction similar to that in alcohol, cocaine or heroin. Therefore, some of those smokers
may have tried to quit two or three times, or more in their life, using few failed conventional methods. However, they may finally turn to acupuncture as a last resort for help.

In the UK it has been estimated that more than 20 million people smoke and so that why the main aims to stop smoking are endless. The most harmful chemicals in Cigarettes are the cancer-causing (carcinogenic) with other toxins (such as nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT).  The clinical research in smoking found that tobacco has caused thousands premature deaths each year and also cause chronic chest diseases (such emphysema, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic bronchitis). Most smokers willing to stop smoking because of two main reason, firstly the health and secondly the enormous expense of a cigarette habit.

How Does Acupuncture work to help kicking the Cigarette Habit?

The Acupuncture is a modality of treatment which concentrates on certain symptoms that people commonly complain about when they quit, such as nervousness, craving, and restlessness. Acupuncture targets these symptoms and balancing the energy within the body to optimize health with its powerful effect of relaxation and detoxification.

Scientific research study at University of Oslo, Norway found that acupuncture has a significantly effects on reduction of craving for cigarettes for up to five years after the initial treatment. The volunteers in this research study found that cigarettes tastes are worse than before acupuncture treatment and that the treatments had effectively reduced their taste for tobacco.

The acupuncture treatment for stop smoking consists of insertion fine disposable needles into acupuncture points in the ears and body. Although acupuncture is a magic cure in the treatment of any addiction, including smoking, it is effective in making it easier to quit and remain smoke-free for good.

Try to consider the following Points alongside acupuncture Are Used?

Eight Tips to Quit Smoking

Change of Lifestyle and Diet
Physical Exercise which help to relax and to reduce the level of stress.
Eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable which can detox the body system from nicotinic acid and to fortify blood sugar.
Eliminate take- away food, sugar and coffee which have negative effect on smoking withdrawal symptoms.
Try to help acupuncture treatment by daily drinking of green tea in order to detox the body tissues flooded with elements that discourage nicotine cravings.
Daily drinking of pure water to eliminate dryness which may cause cravings.
    Vital daily exercise of deep breathing may increase body oxygen and maintain body-    mind relaxation.

What is the number of the acupuncture course of treatment the smoker will need?
The duration and the number of acupuncture treatment course are variable among patients. The typical acupuncture treatment session is usually for up to 30 minutes and the patient should be treated two times a week. Each course of treatment may last between 12-20 sessions.  Some symptoms are relieved after one course of acupuncture treatment, while more severe or chronic ailments often require longer than a typical course...

If you want to quit smoking, acupuncture may be what you’ve been looking for to kick this bad habit and to restore your health and vitality. Please call us today


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