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How does Acupuncture help to relieve pain associated with neurological conditions, such as TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA and restoring normal function.

Dr. E. Tukmachi, Clinical Director Of UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINCS

What is TRIGMENAL NEURALGIA and its clinical presentation?
It is a disorder affecting the 5th cranial nerve called Trigeminal nerve. This type of nerve has 3 branches: The ophthalmic branch supplying the eye, the maxillary branch supplying the cheek and the mandibular branch supplying the mandible. The main function of trigeminal nerve is the face sensation and its movements associated with chewing and swallowing. One of the difficult kinds of pain the people can tolerate, to some extent, is the neurological pain such as Trigeminal Neuralgia (called Tic Douloreux). In general, the nerve pain is normally presenting as a sharp shooting pain or burning sensation.  It  is most commonly in women in their forty than men.  The pain in trigeminal neuralgia is a feeling of an excruciating, electric shock-like or stabbing in nature which can be trigger by shaving, brushing teeth, chewing, putting on makeup, wind blowing on your face, smiling or even a lightest touch on the face. Usually the patient with an attack of facial neuralgia can often trace the pain along the nerve pathway and the attacks often become longer-lasting and intractable. The clinical presentation of Trigeminal neuralgia pain may start as an attack of short duration (only a few seconds) or last for days or weeks.

The Traditional Chinese acupuncture often used alone or with electrical stimulation in treating such condition and it is very effective in relieving its main symptoms: the pain.  The acupuncture treatment works in trigeminal neuralgia by:

    S timulates the release the good feeling hormones (the chemicals neurotransmitters and opioids) from the brain in the body that reduce sensitivity to pain and normalize the nervous system.
    Applying the electrical Acupuncture to interrupts the pain signal allowing the nerve to calm down thereby reducing pain.
    Increasing the release of natural pain killers (the natural morphine: endorphins) in the circulation to target the affected areas.
    Acupuncture promotes actual healing by altering the body's electrical system to allow the transfer of material and electrical energy between normal and injured tissue thereby reducing the amount of recovery time.

The Chinese acupuncture theory stated that Trigeminal neuralgia is caused by exterior pathogenic factors of wind and heat which may block the pathway of free energy flow (Qi) and blood circulation within the body meridians (channels). Sometimes the pathology may be created by excessive emotional stress or the imbalance in the levels of Yin and Yang, which cause such block in the meridians as well. The traditional Chinese acupuncture mechanism is aimed at spreading the (Qi) and blood stagnation in the meridians of the affected areas in the face.
Most patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia may become resistive to drug treatments and even a few patients develop resistance to surgical treatment modalities.  Furthermore, serious side effects may occur particularly with the use of surgical methods. These patients are eventually placed in awkward situation, and they usually visit several specialists because of their intractable pain. Alternative approaches may be necessary to heal this small group of patients. Acupuncture is performed as a complementary or alternative therapeutic method for the treatment of several chronic diseases and pain control. Therefore, acupuncture, which has virtually no side effects, may be a good alternative treatment for such Trigeminal Neuralgia.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering with TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA, please contact uk acupuncture clinic or if you want to make an appointment or need further informations, feel free to contact us


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