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UK Acupunture Clinic
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Do you have difficulties in sleeping? How can acupuncture put insomnia to rest with a good sleeping pattern!

Most people underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep as Millions of  British people are suffered with insomnia and look for the best and quick treatment instead of exploring the root causes of the problem. The majority of people with insomnia usually complain from tiredness, weakness, easy fatigue and lack of concentration.  Night Sleep is usually allowed your mind and body to turn inward to your subconscious. If you are expose to excessive lighting at night, evening shift work, evening computing, video games, television and late-night eating,  all these will serve to counteract your body’s natural rhythms.  If you are exposed to an early morning light and dusk, it will help to regulate sleep hormones in the body. However, if you embrace night-time to let your mind wander from one element of stress to another and it will keeping you up for hours or perhaps an entire evening. You are then forced to approach the new day without having benefited from the regenerative powers that night time brings.

The Chinese acupuncture treatmentregulates the Yin/yang energy of the body. Therefore, in order to help the acupuncture treatment to be successful , you have to apply the concept of yin and yang to your daily life through:

    Try to eat your last meal at least three hours before going to bed.
    If you are a hot excess type, you can cool your body down by avoiding hot and spicy food and drink.
    Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, chocolate any other stimulants, especially late in the day.
    Try to help circulate your body’s energy by gentle exercising.
    Build your body’s nutritive aspect by eating marrow based soups and stews, dark pigmented vegetables and fruits.
    Try to avoid overworking or over rumination as well.
    One contributor to insomnia, stress, weakens the function of the liver, which in turn affects the health of your nerves.

Acupuncture treatment hassedative and tranquilizing effects on the nervous system, clearing obstructions in the muscle and nerve channels, assisting the flow of oxygen-enriched energy and relaxing the system. I you Would  like to learn more about how acupuncture can help you, please call us to find a custom-tailored treatment plan to suit your individual needs so that you can feel better quickly and safely!

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