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UK Acupunture Clinic
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To Make An Appointment

Patients living in London, Manchester, Stoke on Trent, Wolverhampton and Derby find our convenient location on Google Map. There are several ways to make appointments at our Acupuncture Clinics. The most direct way to find out about acupuncture and the clinics is to call the Clinical director "Dr. Emad Tukmachi" on his mobile: 07814 696437 or the clinic Secretary on direct line (01782) 613 604 or mobile :07737855622..

Things To Consider When Making Your Appointment:
Your health and wellbeing are the most important consideration when choosing acupuncture clinic. Please consider the following:

Ask if there is any offer for a complete course of acupuncture treatment is available.
The patient can be either referred by the GP or as a self referral.
We have an established acupuncture Clinic at Nuffield Hospitals (Stoke, Derby and wolverhampton) as well as London and Manchester for the past 20 Years. The duration of practice plays a role in the overall effectiveness of treatment. As in most areas of life, increased practice enables the Acupuncturist to have treated a wide variety of conditions and symptoms and may allow them a keener insight into your situation.
Does the Acupuncturist make promises that sound too good to be true? While Acupuncture is often highly effective in treating a wide range of conditions and their symptoms, every person is different and must be treated as such. As in conventional medicine, a treatment that works for one does not necessarily work for all.
Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine, therefore, it is essential that the practitioner become acquainted with the person first and then, and only then, should the determination be made as to how the condition will be treated.. It is of utmost importance that the acupuncturist is aware of these variances, before beginning treatment, in order to effectively restore balance and harmony in the body.
Our acupuncture consultation and treatment for a new patient will last for up to 45 minutes. Depending on the condition of the patient, history of the illness, evaluation and examination can and should be extensive. Although, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can effectively treat an extensive number of conditions and illness, many conditions exist where appropriate care should involve a western medical approach and intervention.